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About the project

The Baerocats have been accepted to compete in the NASA Student Launch competition. This competition is an eight month project to design, build and launch a rocket and payload to 5280 feet above ground level with a choice of several available tasks for the equipment to complete on its mission.

This project will provide our team with the opportunity to manage and complete a project in the format of NASA’s engineering design lifecycle. Almost every step of the process is analogous to steps that engineers at NASA routinely follow to guarantee a successful mission. The documents we prepare will be rigorously reviewed by a panel of NASA engineers, scientist, and safety officers to ensure the quality of our work and to confirm or deny our progress through the competition.

Our team has chosen to complete the target detection and vertical landing mission. We will design a payload that will be ferried to 5280 feet above ground level and will detect several grounded targets using computer vision techniques of our choice. The payload then must either land vertically upon the ground or orient itself vertically before the end of the mission.

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